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General Tariff

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Territory Covered by This Tariff

Rule 1 - Electric Service Tariff RS - Residential Service
Rule 2 - Requirements for Service RTS(R) - Residential Service - Thermal Storage
Rule 3 - Extension of Service RTD(R) - Residential Service - Time of Day
Rule 4 - Supply of Service GS-1 - Small General Service - Secondary Voltage
Rule 5 - Use of Service GS-3 - Large General Service - Secondary Voltage
Rule 6 - Auxiliary Service for Non-Qualifying Facilities LP-4 - Large General Service - 12 KV
Rule 6A - Standby Service for Qualifying Facilities LP-5 - Large General Service - 69 KV or Higher
Rule 7 - Temporary Service LP-6 - Large General Service - 69 KV or Higher
Rule 8 - Measurement of Service LPEP - Power Service to Electric Propulsion
Rule 9 - Billing and Payment for Service IS-1(R) - Interruptible Service - Greenhouses
Rule 10 - Disconnection and Reconnection of Service IS-P(R) - Interruptible Large General Service - 12 KV or Higher
Rule 11 - Net Service for Generation Facilities IS-T(R) - Interruptible Large General Service - 69 KV or Higher
RIDERS, SURCHARGE, OPTION, AND CHARGES BL - Borderline Service - Electric Utilities

SA - Private Area Lighting
Rider Matrix
SM(R) - Mercury Vapor Street Lighting
Generation Rate Adjustment Rider
SHS - High Pressure Sodium Street Lighting
State Tax Adjustment Surcharge  (STAS)
SLE - Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street Lighting Service
Emergency Energy Conservation Rider  (EEC) SE - Energy Only Street Lighting Service
Universal Service Rider  (USR) TS(R) - Municipal Traffic Signal Lighting Service
Rate Stabilization Plan Rider SI-1(R) - Municipal Street Lighting
Rate Mitigation Plan Rider  (RMP) GH-1(R) - Single Meter Com'l. Space Heating Service
Competitive Transition Charge Reconciliation Rider GH-2(R) - Separate Meter General Space Heating Service
Renewable Energy Development Rider
Net Metering For Renewable Customer-Generators  (NM) Proposed Appendix A - Universal Service and Energy Conservation Plan For the Period (2014-2016)
Green Power Option
Metering and Billing Credit Rider  (MBC)  
Demand Side Initiative Rider (Experimental)
Demand Side Response Rider - Residential (Experimental)  
Transmission Service Charge  (TSC)  
Generation Supply Charge  
Generation Supply Charge - 1  (GSC-1)  
Generation Supply Charge - 2  (GSC-2)  
Act 129 Compliance Rider - Phase 1  (ACR 1)  
Act 129 Compliance Rider - Phase 2  (ACR 2)  
Act 129 Compliance Rider - Phase 3 (ACR 3)   
Merchant Function Charge Rider  (MFC)  
Smart Meter Rider - Phase 1  (SMR 1)  
Smart Meter Rider - Phase 2  (SMR 2)  
Competitive Enhancement Rider  (CER)  
Distribution System Improvement Charge  (DSIC)  
Storm Damage Expense Rider (SDER)