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OnTrack Program

Behind on your electric bill? We can help!

OnTrack. A program to lower your bill
A program to lower your bill
OnTrack benefits offer debt forgiveness, lower monthly payment and can last for 18 months.
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You can apply by mail. No meetings or office visits are necessary. The community agency working with you will verify your income.
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We'll lower your monthly payment. The difference between your actual bill and your monthly payment is the OnTrack credit amount. The maximum credit amount you could accumulate over 18 months is $3,328 if you have electric heat or $1,310 if you have another heat source.
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Over 18 months PPL will forgive a portion of your overdue balance. At the end of 18 months, your entire overdue balance will be forgiven.
PPL works with community agencies in your area to offer OnTrack. These agencies can tell you what other services may be available in your area.
It's Easy to Remain in the Program
To remain in the program and benefit from debt forgiveness, be sure to pay your bill each month by your due date. We'll forgive a portion of your overdue amount each month.
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Save energy by signing up for the WRAP program. This program may help you maximize your monthly OnTrack benefit.
Work with your OnTrack agency by providing any information the agency requests. Notify the agency of any changes in your household income or occupants.
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