Three-Phase and Primary Electric Service

Information about work orders

PPL Electric Utilities Business Accounts Department provides work orders for three-phase/primary industrial and commercial electric service.

The applications ask for job address, billing address, plot/site plan, load information, square footage, location, contact person, date service is required, etc.

To provide timely electric service to your facility, please fill out the application completely. Your application will be processed within two working days, and we will send you a confirmation letter informing you of your work request number. The work order number is unique to your job and will be used to track its status.

The typical duration from the time of application until the customer is placed in service is 6 to 13 weeks. This date will be discussed with you after an on-site review of the project.

PPL Electric Utilities will supply three-phase service as specified in the “Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations.” The company furnishes and installs all electric service line facilities extending from its distribution supply lines at or near the customer’s property line to the customer’s point of delivery using normal construction for load conditions, according to company standards.

To contact Business Accounts, call 1-888-220-9991, menu option 4, or email us at

Applying for Electric ServiceThree-Phase Service Application

Electric Service Process and Responsibilities

General customer responsibilities (must be provided to PPL Electric Utilities before construction):

  • Application for electric service
  • Two copies of site plans
  • Two copies of detailed switchgear drawings
  • Plan of the electric equipment room indicating clearances, if applicable
  • Date permanent service is requested
  • Right of way/Easements
  • Uniform Construction Code (UCC) inspection
  • Payment of applicable charges if any

Customer Responsibilities

Underground Services

  • Dig and prepare the trench (before digging, call PA One Call at 1-800-242-1776)
  • Install underground PVC (conduit) in concrete or steel conduit
  • Notify PPL Electric Utilities when trenching requirements have been completed
  • Backfill trench
  • Provide and install meter base for self-contained metering
  • Provide and install instrument transformer cabinet, for secondary metering
  • Underground Service with Pad-mounted Transformers
  • Provide and install transformer precast concrete base for pad-mounted transformers
  • Maintain required distances to the building
  • Install ground ring for pad-mounted transformer
  • Install protective barriers for transformer when specified
  • Notify PPL Electric Utilities before setting transformer foundation

Overhead Service

  • Provide and install:
    • Self-contained meter base
    • Service entrance wire
    • Service wire conduits and clamps
    • Ground rods and wire
    • Install CTs, VTs (provided by PPL) rack or CT cabinet and benelex mounting, and meter base for secondary metering

PPL Electric Utilities Responsibilities

Underground Service

  • Notify customer of any charges
  • Provide ground ring for pad-mounted transformer
  • Provide CTs, VTs, meter base, and benelex mounting for secondary metering
  • Provide and install transformers (secondary voltages only)
  • Provide, install, and terminate the primary service conductors
  • Provide, install, and terminate the secondary service conductors
  • Provide wiring of CTs, VTs, and meter base for secondary metering

Overhead Service

  • Provide CTs, VTs, rack or benelex, and meter base for secondary metering
  • Provide wiring of CTs, VTs, and meter base for secondary metering
  • Provide and install overhead service conductors