Pulse Metering

Demand Pulses

PPL Electric Utilities billing meters can be equipped with a contact option board that will generate pulses at a rate proportional to the customer’s energy use. The customer can then interface the pulses to either demand-control equipment or an energy information system. The pulse output of the contact option board is a Form C (3 wire) solid-state contact closure. The contact rating is 7.5VA at 120 volts maximum.

The pulse output of the contact option board provides an isolated set of contact closures that can interface directly to the customer’s demand control equipment or energy information system.

For a standard installation, we will supply and install a meter with a contact option board, a fused interface box and all associated wiring between the meter panel and the interface box. The standard installation is shown on Sketch 46 in PPL’s Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations (REMSI).

Non-standard installations will be designed and priced on an individual basis. Non-standard installations may require additional quantities, additional VA capability, multiple outputs of the same quantity, and other factors.

Why do we ask if the customer has generators present at the facility?

Whether or not you have a generator present affects how the meter is programmed, particularly in MV90. Also, monitoring generation output via pulse requires two separate pulse trains because the pulses are not data, just a stream of pulses. So to monitor generation a customer will receive a second set of independent wires that pulse only during generation output.

Pulse Metering Form