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Priorities for Restoring Power

We work hard year-round to deliver reliable service, but when big storms strike and damage equipment, outages can result. When they do, our entire focus is on safely and quickly restoring service based on a detailed and well-practiced action plan that includes these elements.

  1. Our first priority is supporting firefighters, police and critical public safety facilities, like hospitals.
  2. We then focus on major power lines and substations that serve large numbers of customers. Where we can, we use switches to reroute power to as many customers as possible until repairs can be made.
  3. We give higher priority to repairs that will get the largest numbers of customers back in service as quickly as possible.
  4. We then restore power to smaller neighborhoods and individual homes and businesses.

During major storms, we bring all of our available resources to bear. That means hundreds of line workers and support staff. As needed, we may also get support from contractor crews and other utilities. We mobilize quickly and continue repairs until the job is done.

We know that being without power is never easy, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we respond.