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Time-of-Use Rate Option

Special pricing gives you the opportunity to shift your energy use and save

PPL Electric Utilities’ time-of-use option may provide customers with an opportunity to save money by using less electricity at times of peak demand.  

The time-of-use rate applies to the generation portion of your electric bill and is an option for customers who haven’t chosen an alternative generation supplier. Because the electricity is priced based on market prices for peak and off-peak hours of the day, this option is most suitable for those customers who can adjust when they use most of their electricity.

Customers are strongly encouraged to study the pricing for time-of-use rates. For residential and residential thermal storage customers, peak hours are longer in the summer season based on increased demand for power regionally. 

You may have the opportunity to save more by switching to a competitive supplier rather than using our time-of-use option. We encourage you to explore all of your options using the information in the Related Links box on this page. You can also contact the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate at 717-783-5048 or toll-free at 1-800-684-6560.

How it works

Under time-of-use rate options, the generation price a customer pays varies by season and by time of day (time-of-use pricing does not apply to distribution or transmission charges). This reflects how customer usage patterns change with the seasons and when demand is greatest during the day.

Prices are lower during “off-peak” hours, like nighttime, early morning and weekends. Weekend and select holidays are always off-peak. They are higher during peak hours of electricity use, when demand is greatest. By comparison, customers on traditional rates pay the same generation price around the clock.

Because time-of-use prices differ throughout the day, customers have an opportunity to save money by shifting electricity use to off-peak hours. Steps could include adjusting thermostat settings during peak hours; installing timers on water heaters, pool pumps, dehumidifiers and other equipment to make sure they are off during peak times; and postponing laundry and other activities that use electricity until off-peak hours when demand and prices are lower.

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