Substations and power lines


Transmission lines move high-voltage electricity over long distances, much like trucks move cargo along large highways.

There are about 15,000 miles of transmission lines in PPL Electric Utilities service territory. They carry voltages ranging from 69 kilovolts to 500 kilovolts.

We operate more than 1,300 miles of  230- and 500-kilovolt transmission line rights of way. These lines are the backbone of the nation's electric grid and are vital to security, safety and commerce.


Distribution lines are like the local streets that branch off main highways and roads. PPL Electric Utilities maintains 35,000 miles of overhead distribution lines across its system, delivering power to customers.


Substations are a source of power for a community. The facilities tap into nearby electric transmission lines and convert the power to lower voltage for local distribution. The facilities generally feature large circuit breakers, transformers, lightning arrestors, and controls for power distribution and power quality. The facilities allow PPL Electric Utilities to provide additional electric supply to a growing area and enhance reliability.