Project Compass

PPL Electric Utilities seeks approval for first segment of proposed new transmission line

PPL Electric Utilities has begun the application and approval process for the first segment of Project Compass – a major new transmission line designed to provide significant benefits for consumers.

The project is intended to make the electric grid more reliable and secure for people throughout the region, and to provide an estimated savings of at least $200 million per year for New York consumers by reducing transmission congestion.

The exact route of the first segment of Project Compass has not yet been determined, and must be approved by regulators in both states. PPL Electric Utilities will consider public input and work carefully with all appropriate regulators and environmental permitting agencies to find the best route. The current schedule calls for the first segment to be in service by 2023.

"This line would provide an important addition to the nation’s transmission infrastructure and have significant benefits for consumers.” - Gregory N. Dudkin, president of PPL Electric Utilities 

Project Compass | First Segment

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