Around the Home

Overhead distribution lines

Overhead power lines

  • Don’t make contact with power lines and work at a safe distance from them.
  • Avoid contacting power lines with ladders, tools or equipment. Keep equipment at least 10 feet from power lines.
  • Look up for power lines when using ladders, scaffolding, framing a building, painting, pruning trees, picking fruit or working atop buildings.
  • Make sure to have adequate clearance while moving objects under power lines to avoid contact.

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811 logo in color

Underground power lines

PPL maintains underground power lines in some parts of its service territory. Making contact with those underground lines could cause injury or death.

  • Call 811 – the call is free – before digging with power equipment. By calling 811, you ensure that a survey is done in the dig area for underground power lines and other utilities.
  • Call 811 at least three business days before any type of dig, whether with a shovel or power equipment.
  • Know this information when calling 811:
    • The street name and address of the dig.
    • The nearest intersection.
    • The name of the company doing the work (if applicable).
  • For more information on safe digging, visit or

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power strip with plugs

Inside the House

  • Make sure all power cords are in good condition and not frayed or cracked. Do not put nails or staples through cords.
  • Make sure plugs fit securely and are not forced into an outlet.
  • Make sure to use light bulbs that are the correct, recommended wattage.
  • Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in areas where water and electricity can make contact.

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