Environment and Energy Efficiency


Being part of the communities we serve goes beyond delivering safe, reliable electricity. We conduct business in an environmentally sensitive manner and also work to enhance the environment for the benefit of all who live and work here.

Community Roots

Community Roots

Through this program, we provide trees to environmentally-focused groups and schools (4th grade only), as well as county and local governments. A greener planet benefits us all.

Visit our Community Roots website and make your request today.

Adult falcon watching over three baby falcons.

Peregrine Perch

The trio of falcons born this spring in a nesting box outside the 21st floor of our headquarters building in downtown Allentown have learned to fly and hunt and are now out on their own.

In cooperation with the state Game Commission, the young falcons were banded in late May so they can be identified.

We hope the pair of falcons who nested here in 2018 will return next spring. If they do, or if another pair chooses our nesting box, we’ll be ready to bring it to you.

Check out our falcon flier for more information.

PPL Electric Utilities Innovation Challenge Grand Prize Winners

Teaching Energy Efficiency

PPL Electric Utilities’ Innovation Challenge asks high schoolers to explore innovative ways to make a difference in energy or water efficiency. It’s part of Think! Energy Innovation, an energy efficiency program we offer to high schools. Grand prize-winning teams receive solar backpacks – an energy-efficient prize that’s useful every day.

young plant growing in bright sunlight

Rebate Programs: 2,867,000,000 kWh Saved Per Year and Counting

Over the past seven and a half years, PPL’s Energy Efficiency programs have helped customers to reduced their electricity usage by over 2 billion kilowatt-hours per year. This has helped you save almost $300 million per year by using less electricity(based on a cost of 10 cents/kilowatt-hour)—and that is something to be proud of.

Scranton being presented with an energy efficiency rebate from PPL Electric Utilities

Helping the ‘Electric City’ Save

Scranton, nicknamed the Electric City, will save almost 2.7 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and more than $125,000 in energy costs per year, thanks to citywide upgrades to public lighting. The city removed 5,713 high-pressure sodium streetlights and 48 mercury vapor streetlights, replacing them with energy-efficient LED lights. In 2017, PPL Electric Utilities presented Mayor William Courtright with a check for more than $130,000, representing rebates for the lighting improvements. Because Scranton owns its streetlights, it was eligible for the rebates.

Meals for Murphy

It’s not every day you can both power a zoo and also help power an animal in the zoo, but that’s the case with a unique partnership between PPL Electric Utilities and the Lehigh Valley Zoo. And that partnership intersects with reliable electric service, because it’s our vegetation management program that’s providing food for Murphy, the zoo’s 16-year-old Masai giraffe. Some of the smaller branches that normally would end up in a chipper during our vegetation management work are instead brought to the zoo to help feed Murphy. Trees are the number one cause of storm-related power outages. So, we have a comprehensive program to regularly trim or remove trees along power lines to help keep electric service reliable.

Homes for Osprey

PPL works with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to install the nesting platforms for osprey. These platforms give the once-threatened birds alternative spots to nest, so they don’t build their nests on high-voltage transmission line structures. We’ve installed six nesting platforms in the past two years. Majestic fish-eating ospreys were nearly wiped out in Pennsylvania by the late 1970s, but the raptor has made great strides and their numbers are rebounding.

Child from Camp Kresge enjoying learning about nature

Supporting Outdoor Opportunities for Youth

You can never underestimate the value of learning about nature and what it has to offer while actually being outdoors. Just ask the thousands of young children who have visited the Wilkes-Barre YMCA’s Camp Kresge in Luzerne County. For many students, it’s a rare opportunity to leave the inner city and explore the environment. It’s the kind of program that PPL Electric Utilities has seen value in for years. We’re proud to have supported with $5,000 in 2016 and another $5,000 in 2017.

old utility poles are picked up to be used as fuel to produce energy

A New Purpose for Wooden Poles

Where do old or broken utility poles go? The answer used to be landfills. But we’ve found a new use for the poles that will reduce our impact on the environment by keeping an estimated 1,600 tons of wooden waste out of landfills every year. We’ve begun working with a new vendor that brings old poles to an industrial-waste-to-energy facility, where they are used as fuel in an environmentally responsible way to produce energy.


We do a lot of work on the grid to make sure it’s safe and reliable. Used materials like copper, aluminum, steel and mineral oil aren’t thrown away. They’re recycled. And that’s good for the planet.

Ashley Harris, a lineworker for PPL Electric

Delivering Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our current sustainability programs, performance metrics and initiatives are presented annually in our Sustainability report. 
Our report presents our views about the company’s direct and indirect impacts, risks, challenges and opportunities. Access this year’s and past reports at PPLsustainability.com