Safe Kids

Teaching electrical safety to children

Whether it’s inside their home or outside near power lines and electrical equipment, we want to make sure that children know how to stay safe around electricity. That’s why PPL has a variety of electrical safety programs for children. PPL’s school programs help kids learn about the dangers of electricity, what to do around downed power lines and how they can conserve resources for the future.

Cover of PPL Electric Utilities kids' book; How We Stay Safe Near Electricity

New! Free safety books for fourth-graders

Teachers can order free copies of the book “How We Stay Safe Near Electricity” for their students. The books will be mailed to schools within PPL’s service territory at no cost. The books are available on a first-come, first served basis while supplies last.

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National Theatre for Children

More than 62,000 students have now seen “The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit,” a high-energy show designed to teach youngsters life-long lessons about staying safe around electricity. Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit teaches kids about electricity, how it’s used, and how to identify dangerous situations and prevent fires. It’s part of our plan to deliver its safety message to 100,000 youngsters over a five-year period.

Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit

PPL Electric Utilities takes its mobile electrical safety exhibit across its service territory each year to teach first responders, contractors, businesses, school students and the general public how to stay safe around electricity.

Interactive Safety Website for Kids

The e-SMART Kids website teaches children about electricity through games, activity pages and more. This is a great resource to use within the classroom to teach about electricity or at home.

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