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Join the network of contractors, suppliers, ESCOs and design professionals who are growing their businesses by leveraging PPL Electric Utilities E-power® incentives for energy-efficiency projects.

Through its E-power initiative, PPL Electric Utilities is helping its customers better understand how they use energy, take action to achieve measurable reductions in electricity use and save money. E-power rebates and incentives lower the cost of investing in new energy-efficient equipment. And being energy-efficient helps customers realize long-term energy savings.

Our customers' efforts to become more energy-efficient also can increase demand for your business because the majority of appliances, systems and equipment that qualify require professional consultation and installation from companies like yours. This section of the website has everything you need to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Latest Trade Ally News

Rebate Changes Will Increase HVAC Rebates and Lower Lighting Rebates
Wednesday, April 01, 2015

PPL Electric Utilities is committed to providing an energy efficiency program that will offer diverse savings for customers through a variety of energy-efficient equipment. While we have seen significant activity with lighting projects, there has not been much use of HVAC rebates. We are pleased to announce changes to the rebate program that will offer increased incentives for HVAC equipment, just in time for the summer cooling season.