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You shop for your electricity generation, but have you checked your price recently?
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Four steps to smart energy shopping

Check your current rate

1. Check your current rate

Confirm the rate you're paying with your current supplier. Learn how.

Be sure to review your contract before making a switch. You don't want to get hit with an unexpected cancelation fee.

Check Your Rate
Check the offers

2. Check the offers

If you're not comfortable with the price you're paying now, it's easy to compare suppliers. Just go to to see supplier offers.

You can find one that offers the service, energy supply source (renewables vs. other sources) and price that is right for you.

Shop Now
Shop smart

3. Shop smart

Compare offers to the PPL price to compare – the price for customers who don't shop.

Remember that variable rates can change – and could go much higher -- over time. If you choose a supplier that offers a variable rate, be sure to check your rate often.

Do you prefer a short- or long-term contract?

Check out PPL's Standard Offer – an automatic 7% discount off the price to compare at the time you enroll, with a fixed price for a year without any early cancellation fees.

Sign up with the supplier

4. Sign up with the supplier

Your supplier will automatically let us know.

Want to cancel later? Be sure to contact your supplier to determine if there will be any cancellation fees.

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Sign up with the supplier

Protect Yourself From Energy Supplier Scams

Watch out for scams. PPL delivers your electricity, but we do not generate it. If a supplier says they represent PPL, they aren't telling the truth.

Protect Yourself from Fraud and Deceptive Marketing

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