Distributed Generation Documents

Files needed to apply and complete your project

All applications are now submitted online!

No paperwork is required. An online application should be submitted and approved by PPL before you install your project.

Apply Now

This checklist can help you get prepared to initiate a new work order.


Appendix A:

This regulatory required document must be printed, signed by the customer and uploaded prior to submitting an application in the Renewable Energy Connection.


All inspections are submitted online. Please log in in to submit your inspection.

Certificate of Completion:

Once your application is approved, install the system and email the Certificate of Completion to us. PPL will send you final approval via email.

Relay and Control Requirements

REMSI Sketches

These sketches depict the Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installation for distributed generation.

Smart Inverter Supplement

If you’re planning to install a solar or battery system, it will have to include a smart inverter in order to be interconnected to the PPL Electric Utilities grid.