Automatic Transfer Switches - Closed Transition

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)


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Make-Before-Break / Closed Transition

Below mentioned is the list of manufacturer and catalog numbers that have been submitted on previous projects, reviewed by PPL EU, and accepted for use. If other manufacturers or models are proposed for use, please submit all pertinent technical information to PPL Electric Utilities for review.

Manufacturer's model number designation is subject to change by the manufacturer at their discretion.

This list will be updated as additional models / manufacturer’s equipment are reviewed. However, the review will be done on an as-need basis only or by specific request.

Asco: Catalog#: Required Accessories

7000 series (7ACTS, 7ACUB)

H 7ACTS A2 800 F5XC

62T1 and 62U1

7000 series (7ACTS, 7ACUB)

G 7ACUB A3 3000 N5XM 62T1 and 62U1

7000 series (7ACTS, 7ACUB)

J 7ACTS A3 400 N5XC 62T1 and 62U1

7000 series (7ACTS, 7ACUB)

G 7ACUB A3 1000 C5XC 62T1 and 62U1

However, complete information on the equipment, connection of facilities, and installation of equipment must be submitted for review for each project, as following:

  • Provide control elementary drawings of proposed Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) for review.
  • Ensure that an independent timer relay is implemented for safe operation of the equipment for complete failure of main ATS microprocessor controller.
  • A reliable AC/DC UPS power is provided to shunt trip device and independent timer relay.
  • Provide an elementary drawing to show the hard-wired interlocks and contact from timer relay to trip the main or the generator breaker (via shunt trip device) once the independent timer times out.
  • The independent timer relay must have a timer accuracy of 100ms or better.

(C) Indicates Change