List of Rules

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)


Rule 1
updated icon 03-18-2013

rule 1 note


a. PPL EU's Standard Service
b. Overhead System
c. Underground System
d. Meter Sequence (Hot/Cold)
e. Single Point of Service
f. PPL EU Specifies Service Characteristics, Method of Service and Point of Service
g. Notify PPL EU of Load Growth
h. Separate Point of Service
i. Separate Point of Service - Fire Pumps
j. Alternate Service
k. PPL EU Makes All Connections
l. Alteration of Interference with PPL EU's Property
m. Placement of Swimming Pools, Fountains and Similar Installations
n. Hazardous Locations
o. Electrical Equipment Covers

Rule 2
updated icon 07-09-2015

Service Available At Secondary Voltage

a. Standard Service Voltages 
b. Non-Standard Service Voltages
c. Residential Service 
d. Combine Three Phase and Single Phase Loads
e. Metering Equipment Not Used as Junction and/or Pull Box
f.  Service Termination Compartments Not Used as Pull Box or to Connect Customer Equipment

1.  2 Wire Service Limited
2.  Residential Service at 120/208 Volts
3.  Single Phase, 3 Wire Service
4.  Three Phase, 4 Wire, 240 Volt, Delta Service
5.  Three Phase, 3 Wire, 480 Volt, Delta Service
6.  Three Phase, 4 Wire, 480Y Volt Service
7.  Single Phase, 3 Wire, 240/480 Volt Service

Rule 3
updated icon 06-26-2013

Service Available At High Voltage

a. Service at Line Voltage
b. Service at Other Than Line Voltage
c. Standard Service Voltages
d. Transformer Connections, Voltage and Tap Specifications
e. Single Phase High Voltage Service

Rule 4
dated 08-10-2006

Secondary Service - Service Drop and Point of Attachment Information

a. Method of Service
b. PPL EU Designates Point of Attachment
c. Point of Attachment
d. Maximum Length of Service Drop
e. Service Attachment
f.  Attachment for Low Buildings
g.  Attachment to Customer-owned service pole

Rule 4A
dated 06-02-2006

Secondary Service - Clearance Information

a. Clearances Over Areas and Buildings
b. Clearances Under Communication Company Lines
c. Clearances Between Gas Facilities and Electric Meters
d. Clearances Between Satellite Dish and PPL EU Facilities

Rule 4B
dated 06-02-2006

Secondary Service - Relocation and Temporary Service

a. Relocating PPL EU's Facilities at Customers Request
b. Relocation of PPL EU's Facilities - Governmental Requirements
c. Temporary Service for Construction

Rule 5
updated icon 12-08-2017

Secondary Service - Up To 600 Volts - Service Entrance Conductors

a. Capacity-Residential Units
b. Capacity-Commercial and Industrial Installations
c. Common Connection for Multiple Conductors
d. Weather Head Installation
e. Service Entrance Conduit and Conductors
f.  Bare Grounded Neutral
g. Conductor With Higher Voltage To Ground for 3 Phase, 4 Wire, 120/240 Volt Delta  Service
h. Grounding Conductor for 3 Phase, 3 Wire, 480 Volt Delta Service

Rule 6
updated icon 10-26-2011

Secondary Service - Underground Service From Overhead Distribution

a. PPL EU Provides Lateral
b. Customers Service Pole for Alternative Method
c. Customer Specifications for Installation of Underground Facilities

Rule 7
updated icon 02-10-2014

High Voltage Service - Exceeding 600 Volts Through 15kV -  Overhead Service From Overhead Lines

a.  Method of Service/Supply
b.  Location of Customer's Service Pole or Structure
c.  Customers Service Pole or Structure
d.  Customer's Disconnecting Means
e.  PPL EU's Specifies Characteristics
f.   PPL EU' Service Wires
g.  Alternate Service

Rule 8

updated icon 02-10-2014

High Voltage Service - Exceeding 600 Volts Through 15kV - Underground Service From Overhead Lines

a.  PPL EU Supplies Lateral
b.  Location of Customer Service Pole or Structure for Alternative Method and General Specification for Customer's Installation

Rule 9
dated 08-04-2006

High Voltage Underground Primary From Overhead Secondary Voltage Service

a.  At Customer's Request
b.  Type Equipment Used
c.  Equipment Furnished by PPL EU
d.  Facilities Furnished by Customer
e.  Selecting Location for Transformers (Access) 
f.   Selecting Location for Three Phase Pad Mounted Transformers Foundation
g.  Selecting Location for Overhead Transformers In Vault - NOT FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION 
h.  Customer Responsibility Regarding Location for Transformers 
i.   Lighting, Drains, Ventilation and Lock for Door Into Vaults - NOT FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION 
j.   Point of Service
k.  Service Laterals
l.   Location of Meters
m.  Service Lateral Cables Terminating in Cubicles
n.  Terminating Customer's Service Entrance Conductors In A Vault - NOT FOR NEW INSTALLATIONS

Rule 10
dated 06-19-2006

Low Tension Network (LTN) - Service in Downtown Business Districts

a.  PPL EU Low Tension Network (LTN) Locations 
b.  PPL EU Establishes 
c.  Secondary Voltage and Load Criteria
d.  Load Limitation for Existing Services
e.  Point of Service
f.   Location of Point of Service
g.  Multiple Points of Service
h.  High Voltage Service
i.   Facilities Installed by PPLEU
j.  Transformer Vault in Customer's Building

Rule 11A
dated 06-19-2006

Underground Distribution In Commercial Or Industrial Development Areas

a.  Development Defined
b.  Underground System Defined 
c.  Agreement Conditions
d.  PPL EU Installs Electrical System
e.  Selecting Location for Vaults and Transformers
f.   Service Laterals Installed After System is Completed

Rule 11B
updated icon 10-26-2011

Underground Electric Service In Residential Developments

(a)  Residential Development Defined
(b)  Ownership
(c)  Point of Service
(d)  Street Lighting
(e)  Standard Installation
(f)   Applicants Responsibility
(g)  Additional Costs
(h)  Tariff Rule
(i)   Conduit Requirement

Rule 12
updated icon 07-29-2011

Meters - General

(a)  Customer Provides Space
(b)  Capacity Determined by PPL EU
(c)  Customer Installs Meter Mounting
(d)  PPL EU Installs, Relocates or Removes All Meters
(e)  Metered and Unmetered Conductors Not In Same Raceway
(f)   Meter Base Not Used As Junction and/or Pull Box
(g)  Protective Barriers
(h)  Foreign Source/Power
(i)   Sealing of Equipment
(j)   Grounding

Rule 13
updated icon 10-26-2011

Meters - Secondary Service - Under 600 Volts - Location

(a)  Meter Location-Outdoor
(b)  Mounting Height of Meter
(c)  Meter Location-Indoor
(d)  Working Space
(e)  Attachment Permit for Meters on PPL EU Pole
(f)   Aesthetic Meter Locations

Rule 14
updated icon 12-11-2017

Meters - Secondary Service-Self Contained Installations

(a)  Self-Contained Metering
(b)  Meter Bases
(c)  Location of Meter Base and Service Disconnect
(d)  By-Pass Facilities

Rule 15
updated icon 02-27-2014

rule 15 note

Meters - Secondary Service Under 600 Volts - Instrument Transformer Installations

(a)  Instrument Transformers
(b)  Outdoor and Indoor Installations
(c)  Service Conductor Connection in Instrument Transformer Cabinet
(d)  Location of Metering
(e)  Switchgear
(f)   Current Limiting Fuses
(g)  Current Transformer Polarity
(h)  Meter Panel and Conduit
(i)  Pad Mounted Metering and Service Termination Cabinet

Rule 16
updated icon 02-05-2013

Meters - Secondary Service-Multimeter Installations

(a)  Grouping
(b)  Identify Meters and Service Entrance Equipment
(c)  Method of Installing Self Contained Meter Bases
(d)  Method of Installing Self Contained and Secondary Metering
(e)  Common Service Entrance Conductors - Up to Six Meters
(f)   Common Service Entrance Conductors - Exceeding Six Meters
(g)  Multi-Meter Arrangement for a Single Service Installation

Rule 17
dated 06-02-2006

Meters - Secondary Service-Indoor Meter Base Mountings

(a)  When Required
(b)  Construction Material

Rule 18
updated icon 08-12-2011

Meters and Metering Equipment - High Voltage Service Exceeding 600 Volts Through 15kV

(a)  PPL EU Specifies Equipment Location
(b)  Outdoor Pole Mounted Installation
(c)  Underground Service to Switchgear
(d)  Specifications for Switchgear
(e)  Specifications for Switchgear - Accessible Compartment for Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers
(f)  Meter Panel Mounting
(g) Conduit for Metering Cable

Rule 19
updated icon 12-11-2014

rule 19

Customer's Equipment - Inspection

(a)  Requirements
(b)  Inspection and Approval
(c)  Inspection Exemption - Railroad Not Covered in NEC
(d)  PPL EU May Refuse to Connect to Customer's Facilities Which are Dangerous and Defective
(e)  PPL EU Is Not Responsible for Customer's Wiring or Equipment
(f)   Electrical Inspection Required After A Fire
(g)  Electrical Inspection Required After A Flood
(h)  Cut-In Card Documents

Rule 20
dated 06-02-2006

Customer's Equipment - Grounding

(a)  Grounding Neutral and Raceway
(b)  Grounding Meter Base
(c)  Grounding Metal Buildings and Vehicle Frames
(d)  Installation of Grounding Electrode Conductor
(e)  Communication Grounds 

Rule 21
dated 05-03-2006

Customer's Equipment - Service Disconnecting Equipment

(a) Requirements
(b) Amperes Interrupting Capacity (AIC) Rating of Service Equipment
(c) Secondary Lighting Arrestors
(d) Current Limiting Fuses

Rule 22
dated 05-03-2006

Customer's Equipment - Single Phase Motor Installations

(a)  Voltage Drop and Flicker
(b)  Normal Limitation - 5 HP or Smaller
(c)  PPL EU Approval Above Normal Limitations - Above 5 HP
(d)  Recommended Voltage
(e)  Central Heating Systems

Rule 23
dated 06-02-2006

Customer's Equipment - Polyphase Motor Installations

(a)  Starting Current Limitations
(b)  Phase Reversal Protection
(c)  Three-Phase Motor Issues

Rule 24
dated 06-02-2006

Customer's Equipment - Welders, Arc Furnaces, Induction Furnaces And Similar Equipment

(a)  Installation Subject to PPL EU Approval

Rule 25
dated 06-13-2006

Customer's Equipment - Power Factor Corrective Equipment

(a)  Installation Subject to Company Recommendations
(b)  Methods of Switching Capacitors

Rule 25A
updated icon 07-29-2011

Customer's Equipment - Electric Demand Control And Data Collection Equipment

(a)  Conditions for Providing Demand Pulses
(b)  Customer Owned Current Transformers Not Allowed

Rule 26
dated 01-25-2007

Customer's Equipment - Standby Generating Equipment

(a)  Standby Generators
(b)  Consult PPL EU Before Installation
(c)  Method of Installation
(d)  Emergency Lighting Systems


Rule 27
dated 06-02-2006

Customer's Equipment - Mobile Homes

(a)  Definition of Mobile Home
(b)  Mobile Home Service Equipment
(c)  Grounding

Rule 28
dated 06-02-2006

Customer's Equipment - Customer Owned Generation Operated in Parallel With PPL EU's System

(a)  Conditions for Interconnection - Permitted by PPL EU
(b)  Conditions for Interconnection - Customer Requirements
(c)  Detrimental Installation

Rule 32
dated 06-02-2006

Customer's Equipment - Harmonic Distortion

(a)  Customer Responsibility
(b)  PPL EU Specifies Harmonic Distortion Criteria
(c)  Customer is Responsible for Corrective Measures

Rule 33
updated icon 04-29-2010

Customer's Equipment - Quality Of Power

(a)  PPL EU Does Not Claim to Provide Disturbance Free Power
(b)  Customer Selects Power Conditioning Equipment
(c)  PPL EU Recommendations
(d)  Point of Use Tank Less Water Heaters
(e)  Power Quality
(f)   Harmonics
(g)  Harmonics: Criteria to Limit Voltage Distortion Due to Single Customer

Rule 34
dated 05-03-2006

Customer's Equipment - Fast Track Program

(a) Fast Track Program
(b) Applicable Service Upgrades
(c) Electrical Contractors Authorized by PPL EU
(d) Approved Connectors