Rule 21

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)


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(a) Requirements
(b) Amperes Interrupting Capacity (AIC) Rating of Service Equipment
(c) Secondary Lighting Arrestors
(d) Current Limiting Fuses



a. Requirements:

The customer shall install service disconnecting equipment in conformance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), or any other applicable code. Circuit breakers, switches, fuses, or other protective devices shall be of a type and rating acceptable to PPL EU and the customer shall adjust, renew or replace such equipment if necessary.

b. Amperes Interrupting Capacity (AIC) Rating of Service Equipment:

Upon request of the customer PPL EU will provide available fault current information for new and upgraded services.

Service disconnecting equipment shall have an interrupting rating greater than the fault current available at its service terminals, but in no case shall this interrupting rating be less than 10,000 Amperes Interrupting Capacity (AIC).

c. Secondary Lighting Arrestors:

When customer installs secondary lightning arrestors, they shall be installed on the load side of the main service disconnecting device(s).

d. Current Limiting Fuses:

Customer-owned current limiting fuses shall not be installed in sealed meter or cable troughs or instrument transformer cabinets. They also are not permitted on the line side of over-dutied breakers unless preceded by a disconnect switch.