Residential Development

A guide for residential development (5 or more homes)


  • You’ll need to provide us permission to install and maintain power lines, electrical equipment and street lights, if applicable, on your property. If access to other properties is required, you’ll need to reimburse us for any fees we incur.
  • There may be a charge in some cases to establish a new line or provide street lighting. If so, these charges must be paid before our construction can begin. We’ll determine whether charges apply after a field inspection.
  • We design and construct underground systems along the most economical and mutually satisfactory route. Any change in the route will require a re-estimate of terms and conditions for service and may result in charges paid by you.
  • If you are requesting service in someone’s name, we will send that person a ratepayer confirmation form to verify that he or she will accept billing.
  • Submit a completed Application for Electric Service to the Business Accounts Services department: 
    • E-mail:
    • Fax:     484-634-3260
    • Mail:    PPL Electric Utilities, Business Accounts, 827 Hausman Road, Allentown, PA 18104
  • For installation of residential meters and service contact Customer Service at 1-800-342-5775.


  • Provide PPL Electric Utilities with satisfactory easement for occupancy by distribution, service, and street lighting wires/lines and related facilities other than within public rights-of-way. Also, reimburse PPL Electric Utilities for any right-of-way or permit fees incurred in crossing the easements or properties of others.
  • At the time individual electric services are requested, the applicant will be charged the cost of any excess service lengths/facilities. There may be charges for street lighting, which will be addressed in a separate letter.
  • Contact PPL Electric Utilities and other utilities several weeks prior to starting installation of sewer and/or water mains to arrange a preconstruction meeting to coordinate construction and avoid unnecessary costs and delay.
  • After receiving our proposed designs, provide two weeks’ notice prior to installing road-crossing conduits to give PPL Electric Utilities time to secure and deliver the conduits.
  • Install curbing; grade and stone roadways to allow proper access; rough grade electric easements to within six inches of final grade; install property line markers; and keep easements clear of machinery and other obstructions during installation of electric distribution facilities by PPL Electric Utilities.
  • Excavate, provide and install bedding material, backfill, and restore the surface to final grade, of all trenches and excavations for equipment foundations according PPL Electric Utilities’ specifications.  Coordinate installation in the same area by other utilities and service companies to avoid unnecessary costs and delay. 
    • NOTE: Any subsequent relocation of underground facilities deemed necessary by PPL Electric Utilities, including those required to maintain depth, clearances, or accessibility of underground facilities due to changes in grade, structures, or use of property will be made at the developer’s and/or property owner’s expense.
  • Electric service to residential developments will require underground construction of electrical distribution facilities by PPL Electric Utilities. PPL Electric Utilities will furnish, install, and, thereafter at its own expense, operate and maintain all electric distribution facilities necessary to provide electrical service.
  • PPL Electric Utilities reserves the right to design and construct the underground system along the most economical and mutually satisfactory route.  Any change in the installation as designed will require a re-estimate of terms and conditions for service and may include a charge for re-engineering and/or modification of facilities. 
  • PPL Electric Utilities will generally install electrical facilities only in areas where electric service will be needed within about one year.