Information on pole attachments

Communication companies interested in using PPL’s Duct Occupancy System/Underground facilities should read this information regarding new applications, modification and maintenance repair requests and underground manhole support requests.

General Information

No one is permitted to occupy our underground facilities without permission. Applicants must have a customer code when submitting a request or application. If you don’t have a customer code or need to verify your code, please visit the New Customers page.

Each new application requires an engineering design review and study, and the requesting company is responsible for the costs associated with the review and study regardless of whether access is granted.

An estimate will be provided to applicants upon completion of the review and study. Once the estimate is accepted by the customer, the work will be coordinated and completed in the field.

After all field work is completed, an invoice will be sent to the customer requesting payment for the collective charges incurred with the application. Each invoice includes an invoice number, accounting and description of work performed.

Submitting Requests

Please complete the Communication Cable Installation Request Form (Form 4717) and produce a detailed map of the facilities to be installed. Completed applications must be submitted via email. Electronic applications larger than 10 megabytes or in excess of 30 attachments should use PPL’s File Transfer website and send the files to poleattachmentservices@pplweb.com.

Upon receipt, the application will undergo an engineering review to confirm duct availability by the region where the work will take place. Once the review is completed, the region will work with you to schedule any requested support.