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Two young girls reading PPL Electric Utilities' “How We Stay Safe Near Electricity”
Safety Books Available for 4th Graders
PPL has a novel way to teach youngsters about electricity.
Installing cameras inside the peregrine falcon nesting box for a close-up, bird’s eye view.
We’re Prepping for a Bird’s Eye View
You’ll have a view like never before with live streaming video of the falcon nesting box.
Piggy bank on top of a pile of money
Free Money for Heating Assistance
Don’t leave money on the table this winter. Check out LIHEAP!
billboard alongside highway carries message 'get your business featured on a billboard'
Be Recognized for Saving Energy
Businesses that take part in our energy efficiency programs have a chance for the spotlight!
A friendly service representative on the phone
We're at Your Service
With small business specialists and dedicated account professionals, we're here to help you.
A small business owner in his shop
Get Rebates to Help you Save
From assessments to rebates, we’re committed to finding energy-saving solutions that work for you.
Contractor on a job site
Submit Work Orders
Use our Contractor Services tool to enter and track requests for electric service.
A line worker installing a street light
Pole Attachment Services
Apply online for street lights and other pole attachments.
Solar Panels
Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations (REMSI)
See the complete list of rules for electric service with PPL Electric Utilities.

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