Rates and shopping

What are PPL’s rates, and how can you save money on your electric bill?

Your electric bill is made up of charges for different aspects of the power grid. These charges can be broken into two main categories:

From right to left:  electricity transported over high-voltage transmission lines, voltage being reduced at a substation, lower distribution lines, overhead transformer further reduces voltage and electricity delivered to a house.


Covers PPL's costs for equipment, crews and customer service.

If you live in our territory, PPL is your electric delivery company.

Electricity is generated at a power plant


Covers both the generation of electricity and the movement of it across high-voltage transmission lines.

You can shop for this portion, or we’ll buy the electricity for you and pass along the costs without mark-up.

Think of PPL like a package delivery company: You can order an item from a store (electricity from a supplier), and another company (PPL) will deliver it.

What are my Supply options?

When it comes to the supply portion of your bill, you have four basic options:


PPL Rates

Shop for a supplier

You can shop based on price, special services or other factors such as green energy.

Shopping 101

PPL Price to Compare

This is the rate customers pay if they don't shop. Remember: We buy electricity for customers who don't shop and pass it on without mark-up.

Price to Compare Rates

Standard Offer

7% discount off the PPL Price to Compare at the time you enroll, with a fixed price for a year without any early cancellation fees.

Choose Standard Offer

Time-of-Use Rate Plan

Under this PPL plan, you will pay more during on-peak times and less during off-peak times.

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