Resilient Transmission for a Reliable Future

Grid Investments promote reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity

Transmission is the backbone of our electric grid and plays an important role in maintaining a strong economy. The transmission system is like the highway, delivering electricity quickly over long distances.

PPL Electric’s transmission investments allow us to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity.

Transmission Delivers

Improving and expanding the transmission system helps:

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Safeguard the grid from extreme weather, peak demand, and cyber and physical threats.

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Reduce outages and alleviate grid congestion by creating more power paths.

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Network with energy storage resources.

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Transport power from remote wind farms, solar arrays and other renewable energy.

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Invest in advanced technology that monitors and responds to issues in real-time.

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Enable electricity generation to be built in less costly locations and connect competitive markets to lower electricity costs.

Transmission Means Business

A strong transmission network is the heart of a thriving economy.

"We’ve seen a strong uptick in European and Asian companies looking to invest in our area, and one of the strong attractors for them is our outstanding electric system."
- Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp.

"The PPL transmission system is absolutely vital to our business. Without the transmission service we use, we wouldn't be in business."
- Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Transmission Saves

Investing and expanding the transmission network can cut greenhouse gas emission and save money:

  1. Transmission projects reduce congestion in the PJM Interconnection, saving more than $94 million in 2018.
  2. Transmission enhancements approved between 2014 and 2023 in PJM are estimated to reduce costs to customers by more than $288 million.
  3. Proactively building a strong transmission grid in North America could yield almost $50 billion in savings annually on consumers’ bills as the use of high carbon‐emitting power generation is reduced
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Meeting the Transmission Challenge

PPL Electric is committed to creating a strong transmission system. We started investing heavily in our transmission system in 2013 with focused upgrades, and we’ve continued this work every year since.

We’ve upgraded old lines with stronger poles and wires, added new technology, and built new lines and substations, where needed. Our customers are seeing the results.

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Data comparing 2012 vs. 2022.