Application Process

Start your renewable energy project with PPL’s online application

Welcome to PPL’s Renewable Energy Connection, an industry-leading online portal designed with customer feedback that lets you easily apply to connect your solar panels or other distributed generation projects. There are two steps to connecting your distributed generation project to the grid:

  1. Online application: The application, which should be submitted before installation and must be approved by us, will provide us with details about your project.

  2. Certification of Completion: Once your application is approved, install the system and fill out the Certificate of Completion online.

Our online application:

  • Streamlines the application process.
  • Allows you to upload supporting documents immediately for possible Fast Track approval.
  • Helps prevent data errors that could delay approval.
  • Provides email notifications on your application status.
  • Gives you a work order number and status immediately.

All applications, regardless of size, must be submitted online. The majority will be fast-tracked for approval. The customer’s social security or tax identification number is required to be reimbursed for generating electricity. If the customer does not have this number on file, the application will prompt you to call Customer Service before completing an application at 1-800-342-5775.

Important Information about Shopping: Not all electricity suppliers participate in net metering, and may not compensate customers for electricity they return to the power grid. Customers who choose an electricity supplier must check with that supplier to see if it offers net metering service. You can view your current supplier and contact information on your electricity bill or by logging in.

No Online Account?

Registration for the Renewable Energy Connection is currently unavailable. Learn how to submit applications via email.