Other Types of Distributed Generation

Connecting wind, CHP and other projects

If you are a PPL Electric Utilities customer and are interested in connecting a generator – such as biomass, combined heat and power (CHP), hydro, solar, waste or wind – to PPL Electric Utilities distribution system, you must follow several steps and meet certain requirements.

If you desire to connect to the PPL Electric Utilities Transmission system or want to participate in the PJM market, please contact PJM.

These requirements are designed to ensure that your facility meets PPL Electric Utilities' standards for safety and will not diminish the reliability of our electric distribution system. They're also intended to help ensure that equipment, both ours and yours, is compatible.


Need more help?

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Small Projects
25 kilowatts or smaller
Single-phase service

Email renewableenergyapplications@pplweb.com or call 1-800-342-5775

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Large Projects
Over 25 kilowatts
Three-phase service

Email businessaccounts@pplweb.com or call 1-888-220-9991, Option 4.