Third-party vs customer-owned system

Understand various options for distributed generation

One option some homeowners consider is installing solar panels (or other generation) owned by a third party.

contract icon

Understand your contract

How long is the contract?

Is it possible to end the contract early?

How much will you pay per kilowatt-hour that you generate?

Is it a fixed or variable rate?

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Know what to expect on your bill

If you pay your third-party per kWh you generate, be sure to know how often you’ll be billed, the rate you’ll pay and your expected production. If you have solar panels, your third-party bills may be higher in the summer when you generate more electricity.

If PPL is your supplier, we will generally compensate for any excess generation once a year at the current price to compare.

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Identify how production will be measured

Many third-party systems have a meter for how much energy you’re producing. This is separate from PPL’s meter.

PPL’s meter does not measure how my electricity your system produce for your use. We measure how much electricity we deliver to you, and how much we receive from you.