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Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction in Reference to Tariff
  2. Notice - Theft of Service
  3. Foreign Load
  4. Applying for Electric Service
  5. Map of PPL Service Area
  6. Suggested Safe Practices
  7. Definitions/Terms/Acronyms
  8. List of Rules (updated 03/27/2023)
  9. Approved Metering and Equipment Tables Index
  10. Master Sketch Table
  11. Customer Reference Specifications
  12. Utility Reference Specifications
  13. Complete List of Changes Note: Revision information for Sketches and Customer Reference Specifications (CRS)
  14. Letters to REMSI Users
  15. Electrical Inspections

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Please be advised

  • Only electricians authorized to participate in PPL EU's Fast Track Program may alter PPL EU meter seals and make permanent connections at the customer's point-of-contact with PPL EU's distribution system. See Rule 1, J and K.

INSPECTORS: Please help PPL EU prevent unauthorized alteration of our facilities by enforcing these provisions of REMSI.

  • It has been brought to PPL Electric Utilities' (PPL EU) attention that when an inspection is failed, a second inspector is being brought in for re-inspection. This does not follow PPL EU's guidelines for multiple inspections.

Please see the Electrical Inspections section for more information.


Per our Tariff Rule 12, inverter-based DER applications received on or after January 1, 2023 must use inverters that have been certified to UL 1741 Supplement B (SB). Please see our Approved Inverter List to view models that have been verified by PPL to meet this new requirement.


There are new requirements in place that apply to inverter based generation DER applications filed with PPL on or after Jan. 1, 2021. These enable inverter monitoring and management by PPL on certain systems. Read the Solar Inverters page on REMSI for more information including a link to a list of approved inverters that meet the requirements.


    Fast Track Program: Reminder fast track program is still available to qualified electricians, contact PPL Electric Utilities for more information.
    See Rule 34.

    REMSI Self-Contained Metering Change:

    When does it begin and what is happening?

    • Beginning 1/1/2018, we will no longer be accepting new designs for single phase and three phase CL480 (600A) bolt in style meters. We will also not be accepting new designs for 480V self-contained metering CL200 and CL320 (400A) both single phase and three phase.

    What is the replacement?

    • A 48x48 CT Cabinet with a 3 finger Benelex should be used instead.

    New online inspections from PPL Electric Utilities

    Beginning March 1, 2016, only inspections submitted online will be accepted. The fax process will be discontinued.

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