Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations (REMSI)

Information for customers and contractors


Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction in Reference to Tariff
  2. Notice - Theft of Service
  3. Foreign Load
  4. Applying for Electric Service
  5. Map of PPL Service Area
  6. Suggested Safe Practices
  7. Definitions/Terms/Acronyms
  8. List of Rules (updated 03/22/2024)
  9. Approved Metering and Equipment Tables Index
  10. Master Sketch Table
  11. Customer Reference Specifications
  12. Utility Reference Specifications
  13. Complete List of Changes Note: Revision information for Sketches and Customer Reference Specifications (CRS)
  14. Letters to REMSI Users
  15. Electrical Inspections

Please be advised

  • Only electricians authorized to participate in PPL EU's Fast Track Program may alter PPL EU meter seals and make permanent connections at the customer's point-of-contact with PPL EU's distribution system. See Rule 1, J and K.

INSPECTORS: Please help PPL EU prevent unauthorized alteration of our facilities by enforcing these provisions of REMSI.

  • It has been brought to PPL Electric Utilities' (PPL EU) attention that when an inspection is failed, a second inspector is being brought in for re-inspection. This does not follow PPL EU's guidelines for multiple inspections.

Please see the Electrical Inspections section for more information.


Applications received on or after January 1, 2024, for proposed systems of 250kW or greater, will be required to remit a non‐refundable deposit of 25% of the estimated system upgrades costs as communicated by PPL Electric in an Interconnection Impact Review (IIR) report. Upon completion of detailed engineering, the remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the start of construction.


Aligning with common industry practice, PPL has revised its Point of Contact (POC) document to a Point of Common Coupling (PCC) requirements document. Changes: Point of Common Coupling Recloser (PCC) is required for all primary and secondary customers installing DER ≥500kW. Effective: 9/1/2023 Learn more here.


A new DER Interconnection Pre-Application process has been rolled out. The optional DER Pre-Application is intended for large interconnection projects (>= 500 kW nameplate) and provides information including estimated timeline and costs based on load projections and the system configuration as of the date of the request. Learn more here.


Per our Tariff Rule 12, inverter-based DER applications received on or after January 1, 2023 must use inverters that have been certified to UL 1741 Supplement B (SB). Please see our Approved Inverter List to view models that have been verified by PPL to meet this new requirement.