Applying for Electric Service

Service Request for New or Upgraded Installation and Phone Numbers


Single phase service
(Residential and Small Business)

Customer Service: 1-877-220-6016

Our Contractor Services Tool is a convenient way to submit and track requests for new single-phase electric service work, such as new overhead or underground lines and meter installation. Requests for three-phase service or new electric service bill accounts are not part of this tool.

Contractor Services Tool

Three phase service

Business Accounts: 1-888-220-9991, Option 4.

FAX for Service Request application: 1-484-634-3260

Three-Phase and Primary Electric Service

Three-Phase Service Application

According to PPL Electric Utilities' electric service tariff Rule 2, the customer shall notify PPL of the date service is desired and give information necessary for PPL to properly provide the service and apply the provisions of PPL’s tariff. PPL may refuse to commence service when, in PPL’s opinion, the customer's installation does not conform to PPL's tariff. The customer is responsible for changes in the electric service installation required by PPL before service is provided.

In order to avoid additional expense and minimize delays, call PPL before work has started on the electric service installation. Supply PPL with the customer's bill account number (if not a new installation), the name of the customer, contractor and developer, their phone numbers, and correct service address; a mailing address if needed; type and size of the customer's service; load data; pole number (11 digit) of nearest PPL pole; approximate distance to the nearest PPL pole (over/under 100 ft.); and the type of dwelling or business.

When service is requested, a Work Order Number will be assigned. Refer to this number when making any subsequent reference to or inquiry about the job. Additionally, the Work Order Number should be noted on the inspection cut-in card to avoid mix-ups and unnecessary delays in the final connection of service.