April 28,2006 Cabinet-Mounted Metering

Letters to REMSI Users

Re: Company to require cabinet-mounted metering for overhead secondary services

Effective today (5/1/2006), PPL Electric Utilities began requiring outdoor cabinet-mounted metering for new installations involving overhead secondary services. The change from outdoor rack-mounted metering to cabinet-mounted metering will result in a number of benefits.

The cabinet and metering equipment will be accessible from ground level, eliminating the need to use a ladder or bucket truck to install, troubleshoot, inspect, repair or replace metering equipment. The cabinet also will protect metering equipment from the weather, resulting in more reliable metering.

Customers may request an exception from the Supervisor of Metering Services when space does not allow a cabinet to be installed. Exceptions should be granted only after a field investigation confirms that rack-mounted metering is the only practical option. Alternatives, such as mounting the cabinet indoors, should also be considered.

The Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installation (REMSI) have been modified to reflect these changes. New sketches have been incorporated and posted on the Web site; other new sketches will follow.