April 28, 2006 Slip Risers

Letters to REMSI Users

Re: Slip risers now required on new meters for single phase underground service

In January 2006, PPL Electric Utilities began requiring slip risers on all new single-phase underground service installations.

The slip risers are designed to protect the service if ground settling occurs. Settling or shifting can create strain on the conduit leading to the meter. The slip risers allow the conduit to compensate for the settling.

According to the National Electric Code (NEC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) no attachments are to be mounted onto the conduit, including the slip riser, going into the meter base. Stickers are being created to put on new installations to make people aware of this rule. See Sketch 55 and Sketch 55A for required clearances around the meter.

Sketch 7A illustrates the proper installation of slip risers and is found online in PPL Electric Utilities’ Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installation (REMSI).