December 17, 1997

Letters to REMSI Users

To: All Rules Book Holders

PPL personnel have been instructed not to enforce the “NO BELL END CONDUIT” requirement of CRS-1009 and CRS-1014 (issued 7/31/97). However, they have also been instructed to enforce the pullability penalty requirements of the two CRS’s.

PPL’s experience with pulling cable in conduit indicates joints made with couplings rather than joints made with bell end conduit result in better pullability of cable.

PPL still recommends conduit joints be made with couplings but will accept either joint in the customer’s portion of the conduit system provided PPL can pull cable in the conduit system.

If PPL can not pull cable in the system, the customer must make conduit system pullable or pay PPL to make the system useable.

R. A. Kapo
Chairman - Committee on Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations