March 1, 1994

Letters to REMSI Users

To All Rules Book Holders:

Attached is your new PPL Utilities Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations (REMSI) book. This complete revision supersedes and cancels all previous revisions.

A complete list of changes is shown in an appendix to this book. Following are some major changes:

  • Customer Service telephone numbers were replace by: (610) 774-3000 and (800) 342-5775. To expedite the switchgear approval process, new Tables were added showing manufacturers' drawing numbers of switchgear metering compartments and termination compartments which have been reviewed and approved previously by PPL. Additional compartments will be added to these Tables as approved.
  • New Sketch #3B was added showing use of an angle iron mast.
  • Eliminated reference to cable grips. Service lateral conduit method is used to help prevent problems due to settling around the foundation.
  • For single and three phase, 120/208 Volt and 120/240 Volt, underground service laterals, for self-contained meters, customer installs 3 or 4 inch conduit instead of 2-1/2 or 3-1/2 inch conduit.
  • Notes on maximum ampacity of each Benelex connector were changed. Each connector can accommodate one copper or aluminum conductor up to 750 kcmil.
  • Three (3) voltage transformers (VTs) are shown for 480Y/277 Volt services.
  • Former Sketch #16A was reinstated: Secondary Service, Typical Arrangement of Mounting for Instrument Transformer Installation in Instrument Transformer Cabinet for Pad Mounting, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, 208Y/120 Volts or 480Y/277 Volts - 3000 Ampere Maximum Capacity Rating.
  • For 3 Phase, 4 Wire, 480Y/277 Volt services, free standing switchgear or installation per Sketch #16A is required for services over 800 Amperes.
  • For Sketch #27 and #28, as standard installation, for all sets of 500 and 750 kcmil cable, customer furnishes, installs, and maintains sealable metal cabinet per Sketch #54 and #54A.

R. A. Kapo
Chairman - Committee on Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations