March 1, 1996

Letters to REMSI Users

To All Rules Book Holders:

Enclosed is a copy of revised (03-01-96) reference drawing CRS 1009, Requirements for Trenching and Backfilling by Customer for all 120/240V Underground Service Laterals in a Non-Joint Gas Installation. These revised specifications will become effective April 1, 1996.

Following are some major changes:

  • For service laterals, the customer (or customer's contractor) either:
    • provides 4 inch flexible plastic pipe (NEMA Standard TC-5), uncoiled and laid along the trench route, or
    • installs Schedule 40 PVC conduit (UL approved) in the trench.

In either case, a pulling line must be installed in the pipe or conduit.

  • The customer covers the bottom of the trench with 3 inches of select backfill before the pipe or conduit is placed in the trench.
  • Select backfill can be earth removed from the trench excavation provided it is mostly soil which contains some round gravel, but no stones large than one inch in diameter.
  • Trenches deeper than 48 inches required OSHA approved shoring.
  • If the customer installs conduit and the conduit run turns out to be non-pullable, PPL will charge the customer for the PPL

PPL will designate the nearest practical point of delivery and the meter location for each service. If the customer requests service at a point significantly different from the point selected by the Company, PPL will charge the customer for the excess cost.


R. A. Kapo
Chairman - Committee on Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations