Rule 20

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)


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(a) Grounding Neutral and Raceway
(b) Grounding Meter Base
(c) Grounding Metal Buildings and Vehicle Frames
(d) Installation of Grounding Electrode Conductor
(e) Communication Grounds



a. Grounding Neutral and Raceway:

The neutral wire of the service entrance shall be grounded on the supply side of the service entrance protective equipment in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code or other applicable code.

The service conduit or metallic sheath of service entrance cable and the metal cases of all switches, circuit breakers or load centers shall be securely bonded and connected to the common ground connection.

b. Grounding Meter Base:

The neutral wire of the service entrance shall be connected to the grounding terminal of the meter base for a self-contained meter.

c. Grounding Metal Buildings and Vehicle Frames:

All metal buildings, metal structures, bodies and frames of mobile homes or trailers, and any vehicle housing electrical equipment to which electric service will be provided, shall be permanently grounded to the service entrance ground before electric service is connected.

d. Installation of Grounding Electrode Conductor:

The grounding electrode conductor shall be installed directly between the grounding electrode and the service disconnecting equipment and shall not pass through the meter base or be connected to any grounding lug in the meter base.

e. Communication Grounds:

Meter bases, meter base covers, and service conduit and hubs shall not be used for communication grounds.