Rule 25

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)


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(a) Installation Subject to Company Recommendations
(b) Methods of Switching Capacitors



a. Installation Subject to PPL EU Recommendations:

PPL EU's general service schedules do not contain a power factor clause which affects the customer's billing. However, a customer may wish to install power factor corrective equipment to improve voltage conditions and minimize voltage drop in heavily loaded circuits.

The customer shall consult PPL EU before equipment is purchased and installed. PPL EU will recommend the number and size of capacitors, points of connection in the system and method of control the customer is to install to secure maximum benefits and at the same time not impair service to other customers.

Switching of capacitors may be accomplished as described below.

b. Methods of Switching Capacitors:

Capacitors may be connected to the terminals of power consuming equipment so that the capacitors are switched on and off with the equipment.

Capacitors may also be connected at strategic points in the customer's wiring system when provided with automatic switching actuated by either load current magnitude, voltage level, KW load, KVAR load or KVAR feed out.

Manual control of capacitors may be permitted if there is assurance, satisfactory to PPL EU, that they will be properly operated.