Rule 28

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)

Rule 28 - Customer's Equipment - Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Operated in Parallel with PPL EU's System

  1. Conditions for Interconnection - Permitted By PPL EU:

    PPL EU will permit the customer to interconnect a distributed energy resources (DER) system with PPL EU's so long as the customer's system is installed in accordance with PPL EU specifications and is deemed by PPL EU to be compatible in all respects with the operation of PPL EU's system.

  2. Conditions for Interconnection - Customer Requirements:

    The customer shall furnish complete nameplate data on the proposed inverter-based and prime mover generator(s) and consult with PPL EU on requirements for interconnection. Customer should obtain written approval of customer's initial plans from PPL EU to determine compatibility prior to installation. Customer shall not interconnect with PPL EU's system until:

    1. The customer through our On-line Portal, submits an application, signs an Interconnection Agreement (IA) with PPL EU for interconnection, and submits a Certificate of Completion (COC).

    2. The customer obtains acceptance from PPL EU of installed inter-tie relaying and associated facilities.

    3. The customer, at customer's own expense, makes whatever modifications are required by PPL EU for interconnection with PPL EU's system.

  3. Detrimental Installations:

    In accordance with the Tariff the customer will be required to disconnect the distributed energy resources (DER) system from PPL EU's system if, for any reason, PPL EU deems the continuation of the interconnected system is, or may be detrimental to the operation of PPL EU's facilities.