Rule 34

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)

Rule 34 - Customer's Equipment - Fast Track Program

  1. Fast Track Program:

    PPL EU recognizes the timing and coordination problems involved in disconnecting and reconnecting simple single phase overhead services. At PPL EU's option, electrical contractors, authorized under PPL EU's Fast Track Program, will be allowed to upgrade existing service entrance facilities and make the permanent connection between PPL EU's service drop and the customer's service entrance conductors, using specified connectors.

  2. Applicable Service Upgrades:

    Fast Track utilizes the skills of contractors to identify service upgrades that will not require a field visit by a PPL EU representative. Under this process, work is limited to upgrading the service entrance facilities for single phase, three wire, overhead services, up to 200 Amperes in size.

  3. Electrical Contractors Authorized by PPL EU:

    Only electrical contractors authorized by PPL EU will be permitted to participate in the Fast Track Program.

    For more information on how to become involved with the Fast Track Program please call 1-800-DIAL-PPL (342-5775).