Rule 4B

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)

RULE 4B - Secondary Service -- Relocation and Temporary Service

  1. Relocating PPL EU Facilities at Customers Request:

    After service has been established, any change in the location of the service drop attachment, requested by the customer, requiring a change in PPL EU's facilities, is made by PPL EU when feasible, but only at the customer's expense.

  2. Relocation of PPL EU Facilities - Governmental Requirements:

    Whenever PPL EU is required to make any change in the location of its facilities and in the point of service to comply with governmental requirements, the customer shall make such changes in his wiring and service entrance at his expense as are thereby made necessary.

  3. Temporary Service For Construction:

    When temporary service from either an overhead or underground distribution system is required for construction purposes, the customer provides a service entrance which meets all the requirements of a permanent service insofar as clearances, grounding and safety are concerned.

    The temporary structure shall be installed in accordance with the appropriate sketch at a location designated by PPL EU which is accessible to PPL EU bucket trucks. Sketch #4 is for overhead temporary service and Sketch #4A is for underground temporary service from an underground distribution system.

    The interrupting capacity of the service equipment for temporary service shall be greater than the available short circuit current at the service terminals, but in no case shall be less than 10,000 Amperes.