Single Phase Underground

Master Sketch Table


These sketches provide rules for single-phase underground service. Specifications for underground service are at the bottom of the page.


Sketch 4A

Underground secondary service to underground attachment on temporary structure for construction

Sketch 7

Typical Arrangement of Meter on Building

Sketch 7A

Slip riser for installation on single phase underground services

Sketch 14A

Arrangement of instrument transformers and mounting for installation in instrument transformer cabinet

Sketch 17

Arrangement of outdoor meter panel on building for CT metering. Services over 600A

Sketch 18

Arrangement of Indoor Metering Equipment to Accommodate either Self-Contained or Secondary Instrument Transformer Metering

Sketch 20

Barriers for equipment installed in location with vehicular traffic

Sketch 25A

Secondary service meter base connections for self-contained meters underground service 200A.

Sketch 25B

Secondary service meter base connections for self-contained meters overhead or underground service. 400A

Sketch 26

Multi-meter installation using meter base with factory built-in bussing

Sketch 27

Metered traffic signal and unmetered streetlight

Sketch 28

Secondary Service multi-meter installation for common service with instrument transformer cabinets and/or meter bases

Sketch 43

Multi-meter installation for underground service lateral attachment for mobile home court

Sketch 45

Outdoor mobile home pedestal. Underground service lateral

Sketch 47

Customer wood pole

Sketch 49

Typical Connectors to be provided by the customer for serving a single point of connection for multiple enclosed service entrance conductors

Sketch 53 Typical arrangement of wood post pedestal.  Underground service lateral from OH or UG distribution. Single phase, 3 wire, 120/208 or 120/240 volts 

Sketch 54A

Termination cabinet for 1 set of cable

Sketch 55

Clearances between gas facilities and electric meters

Sketch 55A

Clearances between objects and electric meters




"Requirements for Service to Customer-Owned Street Lighting Systems. SE rate."


Primary and Secondary trench. Electric only. (non-joint trench)


Primary and Secondary trench (joint trench)


Placing Plants, Shrubbery or Structures around pad-mounted devices


Installation Instructions for Customer Installed Conduit Systems on PPL Terminal Poles


Service Trench. Electric only. (joint trench)


Service Trench. Electric only. (non-joint trench)