Transmission Services

(Transmission entity or end user)

As of April 1, 1997, transmission service on PPL Electric Utilities facilities is provided under the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff and is administered by the PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. The PPL Electric Utilities’ documents listed below address the requirements for the interconnection of generation, transmission, and end user facilities to the PPL Electric Utilities’ transmission system in Pennsylvania. All interconnected facilities must meet these requirements.

If the developer wishes to investigate or pursue the "Option to Build”, there are additional standards and requirements with which the developer must comply. These additional requirements can be made available to the developer upon request. 

PPL Interconnection Standards Date
Generation Customer Interconnection Welcome Letter 01/28/2020
Load Customer Interconnection Welcome Letter 01/28/2020
Point of Contact Requirements (69 kV & 138 kV) 10/01/2018
Parallel Generation Protection Requirements (69 & 138 kV)  07/31/2019
Parallel Generation Protection Requirements (230kV & 500kV) 07/18/2019
Point of Interconnection Diagram (69 & 138 kV) 02/15/2018
Point of Interconnection Diagram (230 & 500 kV) 02/15/2018 


PPL Option to Build Standards (230 kV & 500 kV) Date
IPP 230 kV and 500 kV One-line Diagram 03/19/2019
Base Document (2-082) 03/08/2019
Attachment 1: Technical Requirements (2-083) 09/29/2017
Attachment 2: Bulk Power Delivery Facilities (2-084) 03/08/2019
Attachment 3: Relay and Control Facilities (2-085) 08/31/2017
Attachment 4: Responsibilities Checklist (2-086) 09/01/2017
PPL Electric Utilities List of Approved Contractors 06/11/2019
Attachment 6: OTB Approved Vendors (2-088)  07/27/2017
Siting Standards for IPPs 03/25/2019
Real Estate, Right-of-Way Acquisition and Permitting Standards for IPPs  07/17/2018


Merchant Transmission entities should visit the PJM web site for information on arranging interconnection of new transmission facilities.

Wholesale customers should visit the PJM website for information on arranging new transmission service.

End-user transmission customers should visit the Three-Phase Electric Service webpage to request a connection to the transmission system (only for transmission interconnections over 69 kV).

PPL EU Transmission Planning Criteria
PPL EU’s transmission planning criteria documents the principles related to planning, operating and protecting the transmission system. Potential customers are invited to read the planning criteria. PPL EU’s planning criteria is also posted on PJM’s website.

For additional information on PPL Electric Utilities' transmission system, send a written request to:

Manager-Transmission Planning

PPL Electric Utilities, GENN5
2 North 9th Street
Allentown, PA 18101-1179

PPL Electric Utilities has implemented Standards of Conduct in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In addition, PPL Electric Utilities has posted information related to its Transmission Function and its affiliates that employ or retain marketing function employees:

PPL Electric Utilities Corp. Notices:

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