Underground Residential Development

Information to help developers bring electric service to suburban housing developments.

PPL Electric Utilities is here to help contractors connect new residential developments. There may be costs associated with joint trenching, moving PPL equipment or meters to alternate locations, or additional requirements. We recommend applying 6 months before service is needed.


For developments of 5 or fewer homes, you can use our Self-Service Work Orders tool: pplelectric.com/contractors. For larger developments, please work with our Business Accounts department by emailing businessaccounts@pplweb.com or calling 1-888-220-9991, Option 4. Each house in the development, as well as street lights, will need a separate work order. Remember that work will not begin until we have an approved plot plan. If the development layout is changed, there will be re-engineering costs.


Sign and return the underground trench agreement. Your PPL designer will review your application and contact you within a week of submitting a completed application. Your designer will create your plan and contact you with any estimated fees.

A right-of-way agreement is required before PPL can install new facilities that affect property such as poles, anchors, conductors, transformers, and other equipment. Right-of-way is also required if tree cutting or trimming is necessary. A permit may also be needed to work on your property.

1. Application

Apply 6 months before you need service.

2. Design

A designer will call within a week of your application to schedule a meeting for a future date.

3. Scheduling

Jobs are typically scheduled for 6-8 weeks after design completion and all requirements have been met.

4. Construction

Timing depends on the amount of work required and the weather.

5. Billing

The ratepayer will receive an electric bill after the meter is placed in service and associated with an account.

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Before your job can be scheduled, all requirements must be met, trench for underground service must be completed and payment must be made. Conduit must be installed per PPL specification and primary trenches must be inspected by PPL. Payments must be made by check and mailed to:

PO Box 25222
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5222

Overnight payments can be sent to:
PPL Electric Utilities Corp
2 North Ninth Street
Allentown, PA 18101-1175

Work is typically scheduled 6-8 weeks after design completion and all customer requirements have been met. Work schedules are dependent on the weather and possibly other circumstances.


Be sure to prepare your site for PPL crews to complete the construction work. Remember to call 811 at least 3 business days before you dig. The grading along the electric easement should be rough graded to within 6 inches of final grade, with box-pads not exposed more than 4 inches on any side. We ask that property lines, easements, rights-of-way, water lines, sewer lines, sprinkler systems, septic systems, septic reserve areas, well locations, and other obstacles/obstructions are staked and marked.


Checklist for Residential Service



close up of two workers wearing safety vests and holding hard hats


Be sure to meet all customer responsibilities at least 6 weeks before constructions starts: