Communications Attachments

Information on pole attachments

Attachments & Telecom Business Services manages all existing and future foreign utility communication attachments to PPL Electric Utilities facilities.

All communications attachments fall within one of the categories defined below. The links provide more information including attachment procedures and specifications.

We reserve the right to refuse any attachments that would pose a risk to both the health and safety of the public and/or our employees.

Joint-Use Attachments 
Joint-use agreements exist between PPL Electric Utilities and foreign utility pole owners within their default service territory. These agreements outline the obligations and privileges both PPL Electric Utilities and foreign pole owners have in regard to attaching to each company’s respective facilities.

Third-Party Attachments
Third-party attachments are defined as any telephone, cable TV, and/or telecom attachment which does not qualify as the local incumbent for an attaching area. These attachments can include but are not limited to bolted communications cable, service drops and communications cabinets. This section defines the attachment process from application to permitting, including PPL specifications and the necessary application forms to add or remove third party attachments.

Wireless / Antenna Attachments
With wireless communication technology constantly evolving, PPL Electric Utilities is also constantly adapting our attachment procedures to accommodate new technologies. This page outlines the attachment procedure for wireless attachments, as well as PPL Electric Utilities' plans to adapt their attachments process to accommodate new attachments in the future.