Third-Party Attachments

Information on pole attachments

Third-party attachments include communications attachments by telephone, cable TV and fiber optic companies who are not the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) in that area.

All third-party attachers must have a signed attachment contract before applying for attachment on facilities owned by PPL Electric Utilities. The process to become a new attacher can be found on our new customers page.

Attachment Process

Step 1: Submit complete online application

Step 2: Accept application generate survey/design invoice

Step 3: Pay survey/design invoice

Step 4: Collect data, complete engineering design, and generate construction invoice

Step 5: Pay construction invoice

Step 6: Perform PPL make ready construction and issue permit to attach

Step 7: Reconcile cost; credit may be issued

Step 8: Payment may be required


New Attachments Applications

All third parties who have existing attachment contracts must follow the specifications below and complete an online application. The average timeframe from application submittal to a completed permit is 130 days, excluding the timeframe for receiving customer payment.

Overlash Applications

The FCC does not categorize overlashing as a unique attachment. Existing attached entities may overlash to their existing attachments, provided PPL is notified. Notification must be made by submitting the overlash application at the link below.

If overlashing to another communication company's facilities, PPL Electric Utilities requires written agreement between the two parties. This agreement must accompany the lashing application.

Rebuild Applications

Any third-party attaching company performing a rebuild of existing plant must submit a Third Party – Rebuild of Existing Plant Application through the online application management tool. Once approved, the rebuild permit will be valid for 12 months. All attachments during the rebuild period must be temporary, using either J-hooks or lagged attachments.

If an attaching company places a second bolted cable on the pole, the company must submit a completed online application for the additional bolted attachments.

Once the old bolted facilities are removed, an online application must be submitted to indicate the attachments were removed from PPL facilities. The attaching company is responsible to pay the attachment rental fees related to both bolted attachments until the removal application is received by PPL Electric Utilities and the second bolted facilities are removed.

All new cables placed on PPL Electric Utilities poles must be marked so they can be clearly identified at ground level.

Removal of Existing Attachments

Any communications company wishing to remove communications attachments from PPL Electric Utilities facilities must perform field work related to removing those facilities prior to submitting a removal application. This includes any bolted attachments, guy wires, cabinets, etc.

Once the field work is completed and the facilities are removed, the attaching company must submit an online application for the poles where attachments were removed. Please ensure the attachment removal box is checked. Upon verification, we will remove these attachments from the billing cycle.


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