Gas / Utility

Information on pole attachments

Foreign utilities wishing to use PPL Electric Utilities facilities for utility attachments should follow the specifications and processes below. This includes cathodic protection and all other foreign-owned electric facilities. The foreign utility is responsible for all engineering charges, regardless of whether make-ready construction is required before attaching.


Pole Attachments Gas Facilities Process

Any utility wishing to attach to our distribution poles should submit an application using our online application management system for PPL Electric Utilities to evaluate. All gas facilities must be installed in accordance with Requirements for the Attachment of Gas Company Facilities on PPL Electric Utilities Poles (Spec 6-01-145).

If adequate clearance is not available, an invoice will be issued for the cost of make-ready construction and engineering to provide clearance. After receiving payment, we will complete the necessary construction and then issue an attachment permit. The general timeframe between application submittal and receiving a permit is about 130 days.

Submit Application

Other Foreign Utilities

Requests for foreign utilities, such as power companies, to attach to PPL Electric Utilities facilities are generally handled by our regional design supervisors. Please use our contact us form, and we will forward your request to the appropriate contact.