NJUNS Transfer Program

Information on pole attachments

PPL Electric Utilities uses a program called NJUNS to notify foreign utility companies via email to transfer their attachments from an existing PPL Electric Utilities pole to a newly installed one. Notification comes in the form of a ticket with steps identifying each foreign utility that need to transfer and the order the foreign utility transfers are to occur. 

Access to this system requires a member code and log-on, which can be obtained at the National Joint Utilities Notification System website under the “New User” tab. 

Ticket steps

  • PPL Electric Utilities, pole owner, creates a transfer ticket in NJUNS identifying the pole grid, location and foreign utilities attached to the pole that need to transfer their facilities.
  • PPL Electric Utilities assigns transfer steps to each foreign utility attached to the pole in the order the attachments need to be removed (top of the pole downward).
  • Final step labeled pull pole is added to each ticket and assigned to pole owner, PPL Electric Utilities. 

Actions required

  • Upon receipt of a NJUNS transfer email, a foreign utility schedules/transfers their facilities in a timely manner.
  • The foreign utility then goes into NJUNS system using the log-on, opens the transfer ticket, selects and completes the step their company is assigned. 
  • NJUNS system recognizes the step completion and immediately sends a new notification email to the next foreign utility attached below the foreign utility that completed their step, requesting the next foreign utility to take action to transfer their attachment and complete their NJUNS step. This action continues until all foreign utility transfer steps on a NJUNS ticket are completed and NJUNS then sends an email to PPL Electric Utilities to take action and remove their polebutt. 
  • Finally, PPL Electric Utilities takes action to have the polebutt removed, completes the pull pole step and closes out the NJUNS ticket.