Self-Help Remedies

Resources that may be available

The FCC Order allows for "Self-Help" remedies for the requesting attaching company when certain timelines are not met. Power space Self-Help is not available for any locations that require a utility pole replacement.

To exercise the Self-Help remedy at a particular documented delayed stage of the Make-Ready process, the requesting attaching company must use one of the following PPL approved contractors:

Survey and Design Self-Help

  • Katapult Engineering, Inc. - 717-432-0716
  • HMI Technical Solutions LLC - 610-832-7314
  • Main Line Energy Consultants LLC - 215-384-5362

Communications Space Only Make-Ready Construction Self-Help

  • Celerity Integrated Services, Inc. - 215-538-1600
  • Harlan Electric Company, Inc. - 717-516-6728
  • Henkels & McCoy, Inc. - 267-767-5914
  • IB Abel, Inc. - 717-885-6062
  • Danella Power Services, Inc. – 610-220-5382

Power Space Make-Ready Construction Self-Help

  • Harlan Electric Company, Inc. - 717-516-6728
  • Henkels & McCoy, Inc. – 267-767-5914
  • IB Abel Inc. - 717-885-6062
  • Danella Power Services, Inc. – 610-220-5382

Additional requirements for Self-Help remedies:

  • New attacher must provide no less than 3 days advance notice and allow representatives of existing attachers and PPL to be present when Self-Help surveys are performed. Notification to PPL shall be done through the Application Portal.
  • New attacher must provide 5 days prior written notice to PPL and all affected existing attachers prior to commencing Self-Help construction activities. Written notice to include:
    1. The date and time of the make-ready construction work.
    2. A description of the make-ready work involved.
    3. A reasonable opportunity to be present when the make-ready work is being performed.
    4. The name of the contractor chosen by the new attacher to perform make-ready work.
  • New attacher must provide notice to PPL and existing attachers within 15 days of completing Self-Help construction.
  • PPL will conduct a post-construction survey to ensure PPL Specifications are met.
  • New attacher is required to remediate any damage, code violations, or non-compliant attachments created during the Self-Help process within 14 days at their expense. If PPL elects to complete the remedial work on behalf the new attacher, the new attacher must pay PPL for the costs associated with remediation.
  • Substandard, careless or bad faith conduct or the failure to comply with PPL requirements for Self-Help may result in ineligibility for Self-Help on future applications.