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Welcome current and future wholesale and retail generation suppliers

The Generation Supplier Reference Information section of this website includes relevant information on becoming a licensed Electric Generation Supplier (EGS) in the PPL Electric Utilities service territory such as credit applications, schedules, peak load contribution information, price-to-compare documents and more.

Use the Default Service Supplier sections for information on participation in PPL Electric Utilities’ Default Service Procurement Plan; previous, current and upcoming energy auctions, including announcements, FAQs and Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission filings; data and information on default service customers; and contracts and other documents on the procurement plan.

For access to the Supplier Portal menu, please use the Approved Registered Electric Suppliers login. The Supplier Portal contains default service supplier invoicing. The Retail Supplier Portal provides the eligible customer list and rate ready functionality, as well as a multitude of evolving retail supplier self-service functionality. To obtain a login to the Supplier Portal, please email your request to

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