Standard Offer Program

Information for generation suppliers

Electric Generation Suppliers can use the documents here to learn more about getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

After the 12-month bill period, can the EGS change their rate ready bill method to bill ready?
Yes. Communicate to PPL via 814 EDI Change transaction.

After the 12 billing period minimum, can the EGS change the rate ready rate code to a different rate code?
Yes. Communicate to PPL via 814 EDI Change transaction.

What happens when customers already enrolled with the EGS come in via the SOP process? If there are unique scenarios, how must EGS handle each scenario?
Yes. Communicate to PPL via 814 EDI Change transaction.

What happens when SOP accounts are submitted for enrollment, but then rejected by PPL for “Account Exists but Is Not Active?”
This is because the EGS submitted the 814 Enrollment with a non-SOP rate code. Resend corrected 814 Enrollment.

When accounts arrive on the “Pending Enrollment” file, when do they move to the “Standard Offer Referrals Enrollment” file? What is the logic for how accounts move from one to the other?
All accounts are on the Referral Report to begin with. Only pending active accounts are on the Standard Offer Pending Enrollment Report. The account will remain on this report until the account become active or is voided.

What are the possible 814 Enrollment rejection reasons?
  • Improper Rate Code on a pending active account
  • Not Last In
  • Voided account
  • Final account

What time will the daily Referral file be available?
Referrals are populated throughout the day in real time.

Does the file processing exclude the same holidays/non-processing days as PPL's Choice schedule?
The real-time cumulative Referral Report file is built as the agents take the customer calls and the customers agree to participate in the program. Our agents take calls and process referrals in real-time only during core business hours.

Is the enrollment file overridden daily if not picked up?
No. The Referral Report is cumulative and is available 24/7/365 via the Supplier Portal. Suppliers have the ability to filter the report by date. When the Supplier logs in to retrieve their Referral Report, the date filter will default to today’s date. However, any date range can be inserted and the records retrieved.

Will PPL Electric Utilities post the price to compare?
PTC will be available 10 business days before end of month/new quarter. A “preliminary price” will be available before that time, but is only an estimate.

Is the referral fee ($28) based on number of customers sent or enrollments accepted?
The referral fee is based on the number of customers populated on the Referral Report. But if rejected, they will try to enroll a new customer.

Is the referral fee per customer, or “PPL Electric Utilities' actual costs per referred customer”?
It is $28 for each customer populated on the Referral Report. If enrollment rejects/voids due to non-payment of security deposit, customer resigned with another supplier, elected a new supplier in the Referral Program etc. PPL will try and find a new “good” enrollment for replacement.

Are net metered customers included in this program?
Yes. Net metered customers are eligible to participate in the program.

If new and moving customers are enrolled with PPL Electric Utilities for the initial month of service, will their enrollment be accepted?
Yes. But they will show up on the Buffer Report #2 in pending active status. Once they become active, the Supplier will received an 814 Add Accept response.

Can a reinstatement put the customer back in the Standard Offer Program?
No. EGS would need to send in another enrollment.

Are the “Quarter Pricing” months pre-defined, for example, does “1Q-2014” equal January, February and March? Or are they decided upon one calendar month prior to the start of the next quarterly period?
Yes. December 1, 2013-February 28, 2014. March 1, 2014-May 31, 3014. The quarters are based on a PJM calendar year, which begins June 1 of each year.

If a Supplier Opts-Out of participating in either the Residential or Small C&I Referral Program, is a new Standard Offer Program Binding Participation Form and Standard Offer Contract Form required?
Yes. It must be resubmitted and received at least 5 calendar days prior to the start of the program quarter.