Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an EDI supplier and you have questions, please email for help.

  1. Who should I contact if I need to make updates to my company profile, add additional users or receive additional training?

    Please email for further assistance.

  2. Why didn’t I receive email notification for a new order sent by PPL to GEP?

    It is likely that your contact information needs to be updated in your GEP profile. Please email to ensure that your profile information is up-to-date with the correct email address. Please also check your junk/spam folder to ensure that emails from did not get blocked by your email provider. You may want to ask your IT group to add to your safe sender list as well.

  3. My invoice status says “Exception – Picked Up for Processing.” Does this mean my invoice failed?

    No. Please continue with your invoice submission as usual.

  4. How do I search for purchase orders and contracts in the system?

    Use the Global Search Field to look up purchase orders. To search for a contract or purchase order, enter the full number as it appears on your order notification with a leading zero:

    Brodhag's Workspace global search field with a purchase order number

    Note that contracts from PPL include an alphanumeric combination, with a “-C” character to indicate that it is a contract (example header provided below). Please do not enter the alphabetic character or the dash in GEP for search functions; enter only the numeric information with a leading zero. In the example below, the proper search entry would be “09026370.”

    example header of a contract

    If searching for a particular release on a blanket purchase order or blanket contract, please use the following format with quotation marks and a forward slash: “09009999/009.”

    Brodhag's Workspace global search field with a particular releases number
  5. What should I do if the pricing or quantity is not correct on the purchase order in GEP?

    PPL does not accept price/quantity changes electronically via GEP. Please contact the buyer contact on the header of your electronic purchase order to inform them of the changes needed. PPL will send a change order through GEP if the requested changes are acceptable, and you will receive notification as you would with a standard order.

  6. What should I do if I can’t find my contract or purchase order in GEP?

    Please reach out to PPL by email with the missing order number.

  7. Can I send credit invoices via GEP to PPL?

    Yes, you can. You can create credit memos electronically in GEP against existing invoices created in the SMART portal. Credits must be applied to existing invoices. If you need training or assistance on how to enter credits online, please contact If you have questions other than training, please email

  8. How do I find payment status for my invoice?

    Payment statuses are not available in GEP. Please go to PPL’s voucher search system to verify payment status. You will need your invoice number, date and dollar amount to search. If your question was not answered, please contact

  9. What if I have a purchase order with five line items, but I only need to bill for two line items?

    You may delete CID/line items directly from your invoice once you have created the invoice by clicking “create invoice” on the open order.

    Please do not enter a quantity of zero for the line item you do not need on the invoice as that will cause the invoice to not properly process once sent to PPL. The remaining line items will always be available to bill against your purchase order in the system.