How to Work with PPL

PPL in our Digital Transformation journey is partnering with Infor of their FSM (Finance and Supply Management) solution that works seamlessly with Hexagon’s EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) platform.

About Infor

Infor® Financials & Supply Management (FSM) delivers comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) financial and accounting capabilities along with industry-specific functionality without the need for extensive customizations or integrations. The solution combines the Infor cloud platform built on infrastructure services from Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and Infor OS (Operating Service).
Infor FSM fuels your business with networked analytics and a best-in-class user experience augmented by artificial intelligence. With Infor FSM your organization can:

  • Stay current on the latest versions of your software.
  • Access applications on any device, anywhere with Infor Go.
  • Scale cloud services to handle usage peaks and valleys.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership and capital investment.
  • Integrate cloud and on-premises applications with pre-built APIs.
  • Democratize data across cloud and legacy applications to drive rich data insights.
  • Leverage pre-built analytics and dashboards for value-added decision support.


Supply management capabilities


  • Leverage flexible, role-based capabilities for creating purchase requests and routing them for approvals, including support for multiple requesting locations. Accessible from any device, Infor FSM features an easy-to-use, Amazon-like shopping experience. Infor FSM’s requisition capabilities increase
    self-service, reduce procurement operations spend, and help enforce procurement policy compliance.

Purchase orders

  • Easily create POs from submitted and approved requisitions and send POs to suppliers using a variety of means (EDI, cXML, email, or fax) with Infor FSM. Quickly create orders to the right supplier, improve compliance, better control indirect spend, and order the right product from the right source at the
    right price.


  • Streamline the flow of goods with capabilities flexible enough to support a variety of methods for managing inventory. Effectively manage inventoried and non-stock items, efficiently process inventory transactions, and monitor/ manage inventory throughout the whole organization— resulting in greater efficiency and the ability to drive hidden costs out of inventory processes.


  • Address all activities required inside warehouses and distribution centers with best-of-breed functionality that speeds up the flow of goods—from goods receipt to shipping. Infor FSM provides order picking, confirmation, tracking, and inquiry capabilities; real-time visibility into purchasing processes; and a range of other features designed to help production, inventory, and order processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Contract Management

  • Reduce paperwork and create better contract audit trails with full visibility into contract spend and performance. Infor FSM provides cost modeling analysis, special item handling, and spend performance analysis capabilities, while also allowing users to effectively manage MFR/DIST/GPO contracts, tiered pricing, and rebates.

Strategic Sourcing

  • Streamline RFP processes, promote better supplier relationships, and improve both visibility and transparency with Infor FSM’s strategic sourcing capabilities. Reverse auctions, a self-service portal for suppliers, electronic RFx, and a range of other fully integrated features enable full source-to-settle functionality.

Supplier Portal

  • Promote stronger collaboration and communication with suppliers and reduce supplier management costs with Infor FSM. From supplier on-boarding and electronic RFx submissions to account maintenance/inquiry and purchase order management, Infor FSM provides greater visibility into supplier spend and an increased ability to facilitate supplier consolidation.




Third-party risk mitigation is very important to PPL. All new suppliers requesting to do business with PPL will be required to submit a request through the PPL online portal, where they will be evaluated based on the services and materials they will provide to PPL. A risk analysis will be performed, and the supplier will be categorized as high- or low-risk. High-risk suppliers will be required to prequalify through our supplier risk management portal with ISNetworld and will be invited via email by a PPL Category Manager. Suppliers cannot perform work for PPL without a risk evaluation, and high-risk suppliers cannot perform work without being prequalified in ISNetworld. Suppliers enrolling for the first time in ISNetworld will be required to pay an annual subscription fee. Additional information can be found at ISNetworld.

Invoice Questions

If after reviewing your invoices in the Supplier Portal, you still have questions, you may contact the Supplier Helpdesk at or call 610-774-6430 (1-800-257-8170) or 610-774-4209 (1-888-577-7891).

Shipping Instructions

PPL uses an outside third party for many of its shipments. Suppliers can contact Ardmore Power Logistics (Ardmore) to arrange for carriers to pick up and deliver material. To route a shipment, please visit or call Ardmore at (800) 349-7514.