How to Work with PPL

Payment Terms

PPL’s standard payment terms to suppliers are Net 60 days, or 2% 15, Net 60 days.

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PPL utilizes the Smart by GEP procurement software platform for Purchase Order delivery and eInvoicing.  GEP allows for email notification that a purchase order has been created for a supplier, and then suppliers can log in and get the order. eInvoicing not only reduces suppliers cycle time and processing costs, but also helps improve spend visibility and optimize cash flow. When it’s time to invoice, suppliers can quickly and easily create invoices directly against the purchase order and submit it to our PPL payment systems. There is no cost for suppliers. GEP contacts suppliers for setup and training.

The SMART by GEP solution for suppliers:,

  • Completely free.
  • Increases transaction tracking and visibility.
  • Paperless transactions reducing overall costs.
  • Online repository of all documents.
  • Simplifies collaboration & profile maintenance.
  • Faster payment.
  • Encourages better relationship management.

For additional information, suppliers may contact or

Purchase Orders, Contracts, Invoices and Payment Options

A supplier should not perform a service, or ship goods without a Purchase Order/Contract from PPL’s Supply Chain Group. The Purchase Order/Contract will have a number which will be needed for invoice submittals. View PPL's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for more information.

Invoices are submitted through our GEP ecommerce portal. Suppliers must send Invoices with a Purchase Order number/Contract number and Release number, if applicable. Invoices without a Purchase Order Number / Contract Number/ Release Number cannot be processed or paid.

Payments are made electronically to our suppliers through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) / ACH payments. Suppliers may be paid via e-Payables credit card with a payment term of Net 15 days.


Third-party risk mitigation is very important to PPL. All new suppliers requesting to do business with PPL will be required to submit a request through the PPL online portal, where they will be evaluated based on the services and materials they will provide to PPL. A risk analysis will be performed, and the supplier will be categorized as high- or low-risk. High-risk suppliers will be required to prequalify through our supplier risk management portal with ISNetworld and will be invited via email by a PPL Category Manager. Suppliers cannot perform work for PPL without a risk evaluation, and high-risk suppliers cannot perform work without being prequalified in ISNetworld. Suppliers enrolling for the first time in ISNetworld will be required to pay an annual subscription fee. Additional information can be found at ISNetworld.

Self Service Invoice Status Inquiry

Supplier self-service inquiry provides the status of invoices. The supplier must know their invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount to use self-service Vendor Payment Search. If your invoice does not appear, please submit the missing invoice electronically. Make sure the purchase order or contract number appears on the invoice so it can be processed.

Check Your Payment Status

Please do not contact the Supplier Helpdesk until an invoice is past due. The Supplier Helpdesk is available at at or 610-774-6430 (1-800-257-8170) or 610-774-4209 (1-888-577-7891).

Shipping Instructions

PPL uses an outside third party for many of its shipments. Suppliers can contact Ardmore Power Logistics (Ardmore) to arrange for carriers to pick up and deliver material. To route a shipment, please visit or call Ardmore at (800) 349-7514.